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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Rapert, Molly


As cultural controversies arise, brands experience pressure from consumers and competitors to take a stance. The looming presence of cancel culture has increased this feeling, as users are quick to point fingers at organizations they think are falling short. However, increased brand engagement has created a gap between superficiality and moral accountability. When a crisis strikes, the media arena becomes filled with statements, pleas, and promises, but when the dust settles, those who lack action are quick to be criticized. Companies must strike a balance between focalized brand authenticity and short-term reactivity, in a culture where it is unacceptable to have one without the other.

Accordingly, this research is a multi-phase project which focuses on:

  • The cultural phenomenon known as cancel culture and the shape it has taken on today’s media landscape, focusing on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Identifying companies’ approach to core values and mission statements to establish brand reputation

  • Analyzing responses as a form of issue and crisis management

  • Consumer response to genuine versus ingenuine crisis management


cancel culture, woke washing, moral grandstanding, brand authenticity, brand identity, cause-related marketing