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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Contreras, Rogelio


This thesis is a research study on the practices of the alcohol industry in relation to alcohol abuse, using spirits as a case study. This thesis begins by looking at statistics about people experiencing addiction and the alcohol industry as a whole. This thesis talks about what spirits companies are currently doing and how they could be more socially responsible. It will take a deep dive in 10 spirits companies, looking at their practices and what they are doing about alcohol responsibility. The purpose of this study is to advocate for alcohol brands to go a step further in assisting people experiencing addiction. Another purpose of this study is also to show that it will not take a lot of time or money for alcohol companies to take this step forward. The suggestion this thesis is going to make is that is that spirits companies should have a website page of resources for people who believe they are suffering from and alcohol addiction with link to resources for them. This suggestion would be viable for spirits companies because it would not necessarily take away any of their business and would help people seeking it. Whether or not the company decides to advertise their responsibility is up to them. The app Sober Sidekick will be used as a case study in this thesis.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Alcohol Responsibility