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New Music Ensemble

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Roe, Mike (piano); Sweeden, Sean (percussion); Ferguson, Kelby (percussion); Taylor, Paxton (percussion); Davis, Connor (piano); Davis, Grant (percussion); Knox, Kate (double bass); Mayes, Amy (clarinet); Burner, Michael (trombone)

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Music Performance

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Chamber music recital

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[Track 01]. Moving air / Nigel Westlake -- [Track 02]. New York counterpoint / Steve Reich -- [Track 03]. In motion hand covers bruise / Trent Reznor ; Atticus Ross -- [Track 04]. When it rains / Brad Mehldau -- [Track 05]. Born to be wild / David Lang -- [Track 06]. Cheating, lying, stealing / David Lang -- [Track 07]. Two instrumental rounds in snaketime / Moondog -- [Track 08]. Motown metal / Michael Daughterty.