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All Gershwin!

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Radko Delorko

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Delorko, Radko (piano)

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Music Performance

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Piano recital

Guest recital

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[Track 1]. The three preludes / George Gershwin -- [Track 2]. The complete songbook. The man I love Swanee Nobody but you I'll build a stairway Do it again Fascinating rhythm Oh, lady be good Somebody loves me Sweet and low down Clap yo' hands Do do do My one and only 'S wonderful Strike up the band Who cares That certain feelin! Liza, I got rhythm / George Gershwin -- [Track 3]. From Porgy & Bess. Opening Summertime It ain't necessarily so / George Gershwin -- [Track 4]. Rhapsody in Blue / George Gershwin -- [Track 5]. Encore: Penguinesque / Ratko Delorko.


Encore at end of recital not listed on program.