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Vordie Mathis
Yoko Fukuda

Performer Roles

Mathis, Vordie (tuba); Fukuda, Yoko (piano)

Document Type

Music Performance

Recital Type

Tuba recital

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[Track 1]. Six English folk songs. I. Lovely on the water [Track 2]. II. Spun Point [Track 3]. III. Van Dieman's land [Track 4]. IV. She borrowed some of her mothers gold [Track 5]. V. The lady and the dragon [Track 6]. VI. As I walked over London Bridge / Ralph Vaughan Williams -- [Track 7]. Nocturno / Franz Strauss -- [Track 8]. Tuba concerto / Edward Gregson -- [Track 9]. Little suite for winter / Peter Schickele -- [Track 10]. My mountain top / Andy Scott -- [Track 11]. Elsa's procession to the cathedral / Richard Wagner.