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Old, new, borrowed, and blue

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Thompson, Bradley (baritone); Thompson, Michelle Diggs (soprano); Kim, Hyun (piano)

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Music Performance

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Voice recital

Guest recital

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[Track 1]. Cantata for voice and piano. Prelude Rondo: "Peter go ring dem bells" [Track 2]. Recitative: "Sometime I feel like a motherless child" [Track 3]. Air: "Let us break bread together" [Track 4]. Toccata: "Ride on, King Jesus" / John Carter -- [Track 5]. Songs of the soul (Walt Whitman). I. "A noiseless patient spider" [Track 6]. II. "After the dazzle of day" [Track 7]. III. A clear midnight [Track 8]. IV. "Joy, shipmate, joy" V. "Then last of all" / Cherise D. Leiter -- [Track 9]. Late summer. Crickets (William Heyen) [Track 10]. ...Summer into autumn (Emiliy Dickinson) Touch me (Stanley Kunitz) / Tom Cipullo -- [Track 11]. From Old American songs. The boatman's dance [Track 12]. At the river / adapted by Aaron Copland -- [Track 13]. At the river [Track 14]. The greatest man (Anne Collins) [Track 15]. The things our fathers loved (and the greatest of these was liberty) / Charles Ives -- [Track 16]. Shadow of the blues (Langston Hughes). Silhouette [Track 17]. Litany [Track 18]. Island [Track 19]. Could be / John Musto.