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Scott/Garrison Trio

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Scott, Shannon (clarinet); Scott, Shannon (E-flat clarinet); Garrison, Leonard (piccolo); Garrison, Leonard (flute); Yang, Rajung (piano)

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Music Performance

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Guest recital

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[Track 1]. Triple set for flute, clarinet, and piano. I. Driving [Track 2]. II. Still [Track 3]. III. Relentless / Piere Jalbert -- [Track 4]. Four constellations for flute and clarinet. I. Aquarius [Track 5]. II. Scorpio [Track 6]. III. Libra [Track 7]. IV. Sagittarius / Meyer Kupferman -- [Track 8]. Suite for flute, clarinet, and piano. I. [Track 9]. II. [Track 10]. III. Andante [Track 11]. IV. / Alec Wilder -- [Track 12]. Togetherness for flute/piccolo and clarinet/E-flat clarinet. I. Profound [Track 13]. II. Quirky [Track 14]. III. Driving / Eric Mandat -- [Track 15]. Bric-a-brac for flute, clarinet, and piano. I. Reflections on Hildegaard and Messiaen [Track 16]. II. Variations on a chromatic scale [Track 17]. III. Imitation game [Track 18]. IV. Rapidly lackadaisical [Track 19].V. Fourth stream / Robert Brownlow.