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Composition world tour IV

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Bombardier, Bradley A. (composer); Mueller, Robert, 1958- (composer)

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Music Performance

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Composition recital

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[Track 1]. Songs of longing and desire, op. 156. I. Gift [Track 2]. II. Having Left [Track 3]. III. America / Bradley A. Bombardier text by Jonathan Dallas -- [Track 4]. Die Lebendigen und die Todten. I. Die Todten [Track 5]. II. Die Lebendigen / Robert K. Mueller -- [Track 6]. String quartet, no. 4. I. Flowing [Track 7]. II. Moderato [Track 8]. III. Scherzo-adagietto [Track 9]. IV. Cortege / Bombardier -- [Track 10]. Flowers of heaven. I. The home village [Track 11]. II. Wildflowers of the mountain [Track 12]. III. Return to heaven / Mueller -- [Track 13]. Into the lion's den / Bombardier -- [Track 14]. A still small voice. I. Wind [Track 15]. II. Quake [Track 16]. III. Fire / Mueller.