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Medaris String Quartet

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Cerda, Edrei (violin); Aguayo, Andrea (violin); Buckner, Evan (viola); Hartman, Charles (cello)

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Music Performance

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String quartet recital

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[Track 1]. Quartet no. 8 in F major, K. 168. Allegro [Track 2]. Andante [Track 3]. Menuetto [Track 4]. Allegro / W.A. Mozart -- [Track 5]. Contrapunctus II [Track 6]. Contrapunctus III [Track 7]. Contrapunctus IV / J.S. Bach -- [Track 8]. String quartet in G major. Allegro / Florence Price.


Die Kunst der Fuge Contrapunctus I by J.S. Bach, and String quartet in G major Andante moderato by Florence Price are not available either because not performed or failure to record.