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Reznicek, Jason (euphonium); Mezines, Kristine (piano); Morris, Robert (tuba); Morris, Kelley (piano); Wiser, Robert (tuba); Grayling, David (euphonium); Myles, Haley (piano); Scott, Dorian (euphonium); Fukuda, Yoko (piano); Mathis, Vordie (tuba); Hilton, Jacob (tuba); Hironaka, Yudai (euphonium)

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Music Performance

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Tuba recital

Euphonium recital

Studio recital

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[Track 01]. Five pieces in folk style. With humor ; [Track 02]. Not fast, but freely ; [Track 03]. Not too fast / Robert Schumann ; arr. Paul Droste -- [Track 04]. Suite no. 1 for tuba and piano, Effie. Effie joins the carnival ; [Track 05]. Effie goes folk dancing ; [Track 06]. Effie sings a lullaby / Alec Wilder -- [Track 07]. Sonata. Andante sostenuto / Trygve Madsen -- [Track 08]. Concerto. Non troppo allegro / Phillip Wilby -- [Track 09]. In bel di / Giaccomo Puccini -- [Track 10]. Ave Maria / Franz Schubert ; arr. Baadsvik -- [Track 11]. Concerto. Allegro moderato / John Williams -- [Track 12]. Fantaisie concertante / Jacques Castéréde.