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Leigh Muñoz
Lia Uribe

Performer Roles

Muñoz, Leigh (bassoon); Uribe, Lia (bassoon)

Document Type

Music Performance

Recital Type

Bassoon recital

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[Track 1]. Four signs. I. Mind the gap [Track 2]. II. Change, go inside [Track 3]. III. Love one another [Track 4]. IV. All places from here / John Steinmetz -- [Track 5]. Three meditations for bassoon and contrabassoon. I. [Track 6]. II. [Track 7]. III. / Ben Colagiovanni -- [Track 8]. Six moods. I. Content II. Energetic [Track 9]. III. Anxious IV. Furious [Track 10]. V. Melancholic VI. Elated / Tim Patterson.