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Sewell, E. Scott (percussion); Leon, Christian (percussion); Beard, Megan (percussion); Larey, Dakota (percussion); Strickland, Jordan (keyboards)

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Music Performance

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Percussion recital

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[Track 1]. Omphalo centric lecture / Nigel Westlake -- [Track 2]. Alter ego / Pat Jacobs -- [Track 3]. VIII. March / Elliot Carter -- [Track 4]. Bushido: the way of the warrior. I. 仁 Jin (benevolence) [Track 5]. II. 名誉 Meiyo (honor and glory) [Track 6]. III. 湯 (bravery and herosim) / John Willmarth -- [Track 7]. Texas hoedown / David Friedman -- [Track 8]. Cappuccino lovely. I. Choco / Chin Cheng Lin -- [Track 9]. True love waits / Radiohead arranged by Edwin Scott Sewell.