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NCPP student performance

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Martin, Caleb (percussion); Frans, Josh (percussion); Burks, Taylor (percussion); Barnes, Carly (flute); Barnes, Michael (percussion); White, Austen (percussion); Stafford, Ethan (percussion); Boyd, Andrew (percussion); Correa, Fabian (percussion); Marcado-Garcia (Nestor, percussion); Trupp, Adam (percussion); Williams, Jessica (percussion); Tadlock, John (percussion); Sears, Michael (percussion)

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Music Performance

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Guest recital

Percussion recital

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[Track 1]. Sonate Pathetique, op. 1. movement 1 / Ludwig van Beethoven arranged for solo tenor pan by Shelly Irvine & Ron Kerns -- [Track 2]. Beads of glass / Gordon Stout -- [Track 3]. Stillness for alto flute and marimba / Robert Paterson -- [Track 4]. Pulsor for snare drum and audio / Francisco Perez -- [Track 5]. How to be a deep thinker in Los Angeles / Jennifer Jolley -- [Track 6]. Sculpture in wood / Rudiger Pawasser -- [Track 7]. Karakurenai / Andy Akiho -- [Track 8]. Northern lights / Eric Ewazen -- [Track 9]. Moon chasers / Mark Ford.


October night by Michael Burritt not available either because not performed or failure to record.