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Perkins, Asher (guitar); Wagar, Jeannine (piano); Zuloaga, Florencia (piano); Walker, John (bass guitar); Kwanza, Julius (drums); Hertzog, Jake (guitar); Strickland, Jordan (bass guitar); Ferguson, Walter (drums)

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Music Performance

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Graduate recital

Guitar recital

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[Track 1]. Broodin' / Asher Perkins -- [Track 2]. Mary had a little lamb / Buddy Guy arranger Stevie Ray Vaughan -- [Track 3]. Little wing / Jimi Hendrix arranger Stevie Ray Vaughan -- [Track 4]. Scuttlebuttin / Stevie Ray Vaughan -- [Track 5]. Sirabhorn / Pat Metheny -- [Track 6]. Outerstellar mozy [Track 7]. Truth? [Track 8]. Street swing [Track 9]. Warm kages / Asher Perkins -- [Track 10]. The saga of Harrison Crabfeathers / Steve Kuhn.


Swingin on sunshine by Asher Perkins not available either because not performed or failure to record.