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Rulli, Richard (trumpet); Walsh-Levi, Micah (trumpet); Thompson, Timothy (Timothy F.) (horn); Mixdorf, Cory (trombone); Liebl, Nicholas (tuba)

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Music Performance

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Brass quintet recital

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[Track 1]. Quatour en forme de sonatine. I. Allegro grazioso [Track 2]. II. Andantino tranquilo [Track 3]. III. Scherzando quasi presto [Track 4]. IV. Allegro moderato (a la Russe) / Antoine Simon -- [Track 5]. 4 miniatures. I. Salutations [Track 6]. II. Toccata [Track 7]. III. Lament [Track 8]. IV. Jubilation / Michael Forbes -- [Track 9]. Dance suite. I. Dancisca, for Anthony (Anthony Tudor) [Track 10]. II. Waltz, for Agnes (Agnes de Mille) [Track 11]. III. Bi-tango, for Mischa (Mikhail Baryshnikov) [Track 12]. IV. Two-step, for Mr. B (George Balanchine) [Track 13]. V. Mtv, for Jerry (Jerome Robbins) / Leonard Bernstein -- [Track 14]. Colchester fantasy. I. The rose and the crown [Track 15]. II. The marquis of Granby [Track 16]. III. The dragoon [Track 17]. IV. The red lion / Eric Ewazen.