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Cholthitchanta, Nophachai (director); McFarland, Austin (director); Loungsangroong, Manchusa (director); Chang, Jenny (clarinet); Smithey, Miranda (clarinet); Loungsangroong, Manchusa (clarinet); McFarland, Austin (clarinet); Ellis, Samantha (clarinet); Wilson, Erica (clarinet); Kendall, Madeline (clarinet); Cook, Benjamin (clarinet); Cholthitchanta, Nophachai (clarinet); Fuentes, Lily (clarinet); Baker, Nathan (clarinet); Zhou, Rosabelle (clarinet); Alwood, Kaleigh (clarinet); Atherton, Alexandra (clarinet); Carlon, Karen (clarinet); Holcomb, Alexandria (clarinet); Massey, Alexis (clarinet); Witt, Sydney (clarinet); Albrecht, Catherine (clarinet); Contreras, Alicia (clarinet); Stair, Cadi (clarinet)

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Music Performance

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Clarinet recital

Studio recital

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[Track 1]. French suite. I. Prelude [Track 2]. III. Gavotte / Yvonne Desportes -- [Track 3]. Flower duet from Lakmé / Léo Delibes -- [Track 4]. Hilltribe dance / Yos Vannesorn -- [Track 5]. Toccata and fugue in D minor, BMV 565 / J.S. Bach arranged by A. Brackett -- [Track 6]. Molly on the shore / Percy Grainger arranged by S. Knight -- [Track 7]. Chorale and danza / Vaclac Nelhybel -- [Track 8]. Klezmer suite / Alexis Ciesla.


Sarabande, the second movement of the French suite by Yvonne Desported, not available either because not performed or failure to record.