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Red Rose Revue

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Speer, Laura (flute); Jones, Shiloh (voice); Hudson, Ginny (flute); Butler, Kara (flute); Mesko, Sarah (flute); Phillips, Dominique (flute); Richardson, Stephanie (flute); Cavalier, Kalyn (ukulele); Trinidad, Abby (ukulele); Kim, Hyun (piano)

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Music Performance

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Guest recital

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[Track 1]. Syrinx / Claude Debussy -- [Track 2]. How lovely to be a woman from Bye bye birdie / Strouse & Adams -- [Track 3]. Big sister says from Love after 1950 / Libby Larson -- [Track 4]. I enjoy being a girl from Flower drum song / Rodgers & Hammerstein -- [Track 5]. Danza de la mariposa / Valerie Coleman -- [Track 6]. The French clock / Franz Bornschein arranged by Charlet Cellars -- [Track 7]. You are my sunshine / Jimmie Davis -- [Track 8]. I'll fly away / Albert E. Brumley -- [Track 9]. Habañera from Carmen / Georges Bizet -- [Track 10].Everybody says don't from Anyone can whistle / Stephen Sondheim.


Selections from Carmen by Georges Bizet and arranged by Carl Strommen not available either because not performed or failure to record.