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She: a festival of women in music

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Craven, Kaitlyn (flute); Parson, Clayre (piano); Adkins, Dennese (soprano); Rye, Ann (piano); Ledbetter, Victoria (flute); Ellis, Savannah (flute); Slaughter, Fiona (oboe); Barry, Katelyn (horn); Zuloaga, Florencia (piano); Loungsangroong, Manchusa (clarinet); Hall, Traci (piano); James, Emily (flute); Kulczak, Lisa (soprano); Canon, Samantha (saxophone); Owens, Bryce (horn); Mills, Anastasia (oboe); Orvin, Isaac (violin); Gott, Connor (bassoon); Hartman, Charles (cello); Phillips, Dominique (flute); Barnes, Jordan (flute); Bohanon, Donald (flute); Kim, Hyun (piano)

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Music Performance

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Instrumental recital

Voice recital

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[Track 1]. Kokopelli / Katherine Hoover -- [Track 2]. Mélodie in C-sharp minor, op. 4, no. 2 Notturno in G minor / Fanny Cecile Mendelssohn -- [Track 3]. Cowboy songs / Libby Larsen -- [Track 4]. Sound bytes. I. Invention II. Thirds III. Short circuit IV. Get up / Katherine Hoover -- [Track 5]. Overheard on a saltmarsh / Erin Goad -- [Track 6]. Sonatina for clarinet and piano / Caroline Schleicher Krämer -- [Track 7]. Winter spirits / Katherine Hoover -- [Track 8]. The butterfly from I never saw another butterfly / Lori Laitman -- [Track 9]. Erratic polka from Demented dances / Elizabeth Greener -- [Track 10]. Original Latin-American flute duets. I. Pasaje folia II. Torbellino III. Bolero Rhumba IV. Polka Chocoana / Carmen Liliana Marulanda -- [Track 11]. Trio for flute, oboe, and piano / Madeleine Dring.