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Chang, Jenny, clarinet); Kashiwagi, Tomoko, piano); Barker, Nathan, clarinet); Stair, Cadi, clarinet); Alwood, Kaleigh, clarinet); Kendall, Madeline, clarinet); Almandri-Lage, Jawad, clarinet); Almandri-Lage, Hakim, piano); Wilson, Erica, clarinet); Runkles, Henry, piano); Holcomb, Alexandria, clarinet); Fuentes, Lily, clarinet); Panayotova, Miroslava, piano); Ellis, Samantha, clarinet); Zhou, Rosabelle, clarinet); Atherton, Alexandra, clarinet); Carlon, Karen, clarinet); Massey, Alexis, clarinet); Myers, Kerry, clarinet); Cook, Benjamin, clarinet); Loungsangroong, Manchusa, clarinet); McFarland, Austin, clarinet); Albrecht, Catherine, clarinet); Contreras, Alicia, clarinet

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Music Performance

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Clarinet recital

Studio recital

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[Track 1]. Concerto for clarinet and string orchestra / Aaron Copland -- [Track 2]. Dance preludes. I. Allegro molto [Track 3]. II. Andantino [Track 4]. III. Allegro giocoso / Witold Lutoslawski -- [Track 5]. Sonata for clarinet and piano in B♭major. I. Mäβig bewegt [Track 6]. IV. Kleines rondo. Gemächlich / Paul Hindemith -- [Track 7]. Five bagatelles, op. 23. I. Prelude / Gerald Finzi -- [Track 8]. Five bagatelles, op. 23. V. Fughetta / Gerald Finzi -- [Track 9]. Sonata for clarinet in B♭ and piano. I. Allegro tristamente / Francis Poulenc -- [Track 10]. Sonata for clarinet in B♭ and piano. III. Allegro con fuoco / Francis Poulenc -- [Track 11]. Introduction, theme and variations: Theme, var. 1, 2, 3, minor and major / Gioachino Rossini -- [Track 12]. Time pieces. I. Allegro risoluto [Track 13]. II. Andante espressivo / Robert Muczynski -- [Track 14].Sonata for clarinet, op. 120, no. 1. I. Allegro appassionato / Johannes Brahms -- [Track 15]. Wind in the reeds. I. March [Track 16]. II. Humoreske [Track 17]. III. A childhood memory [Track 18]. IV. Ballet russe / Gordon Jacob.


Clarinet concerto. II. Adagio, by W.A. Mozart, not available either because not performed or failure to record.