Concert recording 2019-04-20b

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Morgen Cavanah

Performer Roles

Cavanah, Morgen (soprano)

Document Type

Music Performance

Recital Type

Chamber music recital

Graduate recital

Voice recital

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[Track 1]. Ah, guarda sorella from Cosi fan tutti / Mozart -- [Track 2]. Deux poemes de Ronsard. Rossignol, mon mignon Ciel, air et vans / Albert Roussel -- [Track 3]. Alma grande e noble core / Mozart -- [Track 4]. Cesar Cui -- [Track 5]. Abandoning abuse: Allegories of adoption in 21st century America. For Eli To Witt Atten Chase Dear Joanna / Deborah Ellis Cotton -- [Track 6]. Extase [Track 7]. La vie Anterieure / Henri Duparc -- [Track 8]. 4 Lieder, opus 27. Cacilie [Track 9]. Morgen [Track 10]. Ruhe meine seele! / Richard Strauss -- [Tracks 11-12]. The flower duet from Lakme / Leo Delibes.

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