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Petet, Kelsey (percussion); Soriano, Collette (percussion); Irvin, Ben (percussion); Pell, Kyleigh (percussion); Petet, Stevie (bass guitar)

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Music Performance

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Percussion recital

Degree recital

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[Track 1]. Sechs miniaturen. V. Adagio III. Allegro moderato / Matthias Schmitt -- [Track 2]. Minute of news / Eugene Novotney -- [Track 3]. Sonata for timpani. I. / John Beck -- [Track 4]. Sleepy cat / Kelsey Petet Stevie Petet -- [Track 5]. Drei skizzen. III. Presto / Matthias Schmitt.


The first five works were not recorded. These five works were: Drei skizzen. I. Allegro by Matthias Schmitt Diaglogue for snare drum and timpani by Garwood Whaley Yesterday by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, arranged by Jonathan Turner Percussion music by Michael Colgrass Sechs miniaturen. I. Allegro con fuoco II. Adagio by Matthias Schmitt.