Alternate Title

Guest artist concert

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Thornton, Mary (trumpet); Mezines, Kristine (piano)

Document Type

Music Performance

Recital Type

Trumpet recital

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[Track 1]. Simple song / Leonard Bernstein -- [Track 2]. Equinox sonata. I. Sun horizon [Track 3]. II. Dream walking [Track 4]. III. Moon mysteries / Carson Cooman -- [Track 5]. Trumpet songs. I. Morning opens [Track 6]. II. To home [Track 7]. III. In our quiet [Track 8]. IV. Hop & toe dance [Track 9]. V. Threaded [Track 10]. VI. Breaking / Jennifer Higdon -- [Track 11]. Seven popular Spanish songs. I. The Moorish cloth II. Murcian seguidilla III. Asturiana IV. Jota V. Lullaby VI. Song VII. Polo.