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Compositions of Robert Mueller

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Uribe, Lia (bassoon); Delaplain, Theresa (oboe); Mains, Ronda, 1955- (flute); Mueller, Robert, 1958- (piano, composer); Na, Dominic K. (cello); Larsen, Josquin (viola); Park, Eun Seo (violin); Valencia, Fernando (marimba)

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Music Performance

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Composition recital

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[Track 1]. Del pari (2008) [Track 2]. Rhapsodies and interludes (2012) [Track 3]. Three lamentations in times of sorrow (2001). I. the flutter of an unbroken wing [Track 4]. II. dark-hewn caverns of the soul [Track 5]. III. remorse and rememberance of the unforgotten [Track 6]. Rachel weeping for her children (1992) [Track 7]. Deserted paths (2014). I. the hayfield II. the mountains III. the old cemetery [Track 8]. Emblems (2011) / Robert K. Mueller.