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Stiletto Brass Quintet, guest artist concert

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Gilreath, Amy (trumpet); Rider, Susan (trumpet); Mickens, Stacie (horn); Mannix, Natalie (trombone); Brown, Velvet (tuba)


Stiletto Brass Quintet

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Music Performance

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Brass quintet recital

Guest recital

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[Track 1]. Red stiletto ; Scarpe! / Drew Bonner -- [Track 2]. Suite Impromptu. I. Epithalame ; II. Marche ; III. Elegie ; IV. Mouvement / André LaFosse -- [Track 3]. A Scent of Paradise / Kenneth Amis -- [Track 4]. Dance Renwick / Wilke Renwick -- [Track 5]. Boy Meets Horn / Duke Ellington -- [Track 6]. Sea Suite. I. Gulls ; II. Sea Urchins ; III. Heron by Moonlight ; IV. Seaweed Dance / Dorothy Gates -- [Track 7]. Escape / Kevin McKee.


See scan of changed program for the actual program.