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Intensive Nurse Practitioner; Respiratory Failure; ICU Staffing

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

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Jarrett, Anna

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Justine Kirschner


This mixed retrospective and prospective cohort study aimed to compare mortality outcomes and associated factors between two cohorts of patients diagnosed with respiratory failure: on-call physicians and Interventional Nurse Practitioners (INPs). The analysis involved 143 patients, 82 in the on-call physician cohort and 61 in the INP cohort. Contrary to initial expectations, the two cohorts had no significant difference in mortality rates (p = 0.143). However, significant differences were observed in critical variables affecting mortality, including Time from Admit to Procedure Performance (p = 0.029), ICU Length of Stay (p = 0.013), and Ventilator Days (p = 0.048), with INP-managed patients demonstrating shorter durations in each category. These findings suggest that while mortality outcomes may not differ, the INP-led approach may contribute to more efficient care delivery, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes. Further research is needed to validate these findings and explore the underlying mechanisms driving differences in care delivery between the two cohorts.