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Bachelor of Science




Vowell-Johnson, Kelly

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Ballentine, Hope


Tiny Tusks provides honors nursing students enrolled in the Eleanor Mann School of Nursing at the University of Arkansas an opportunity to support mothers in the community by providing breastfeeding services, education, and assistance at public Razorback sporting events. Interns provide this support by setting up designated lactation spaces at sporting events, such as gymnastics meets, football, and basketball games, for mothers to breastfeed or pump. In this thesis, I reflect on my internship experience and provide a review of literature. Since the aim of Tiny Tusks is to provide breastfeeding education and support to mothers in the community, the question I chose to review was: Does Breastfeeding Education in an Undergraduate Nursing Program Affect Student Knowledge and Attitudes Concerning Breastfeeding? This question is relevant because in order to provide appropriate breastfeeding education and support to mothers in the community, undergraduate students must have adequate knowledge and a positive attitude regarding breastfeeding. This cannot be done unless sufficient breastfeeding education is provided by nursing programs.


nursing, breastfeeding, mother, infant, community health