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Bachelor of Science in Nursing




Ballentine, Hope

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Shreve, Marilou


No healthcare system is perfect, nor does one system work for all populations. History and culture have dictated the mindset of people for generations. It is the ever-changing mindset of patients and providers that will continue to expand and improve international healthcare by first changing daily practices. Nursing in Italy, Sweden, and the United States look very similar but also have a number of differences. Each country’s healthcare system works for its population, but efforts for international collaboration could still prove beneficial. Whether it be universal or private, centralized or localized, a patient centered focus is the driving force behind quality healthcare outcomes. Similarities and differences in structure, monetary allotment, licensure, education, and care throughout the lifespan combine to show the strengths of each system. Learning from each other can result in insights that lead to better support of patients as they seek to identify the best course of action for their health.


US, Italy, Sweden, Policy, Nursing Model, Coverage