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Osborne, Cara

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Lee, Peggy B., 1950-

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Hagstrom, Fran


Complications during pregnancy, childbirth, and early infancy claim the lives of millions of mothers and newborn infants across the globe each year. The cause: lack of access to maternal education, medical check-ups, and skilled birth attendants. The unfortunate fact is that death from these complications is largely preventable. Even more astonishingly, maternal infant mortality is only getting worse as time passes. In the country with the highest maternal infant mortality rate in the world, one organization strives to create change from within. Functioning on the premise that “change can occur one person at a time, and through the efforts of small groups of people who believe it can”, Midwives for Haiti utilizes one very powerful tool to create lasting change: education. The organization empowers the Haitian people through “genuine partnership with those who desire change.” The vision is simple: to increase the number of skilled birth attendants available to help decrease the astonishing maternal infant mortality rate in Haiti. This vision is accomplished by the education and certification of Haitian skilled birth attendants. Midwives for Haiti operates not only through donations as other non-profits most often do, but most significantly through its volunteers.