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Educational data, adequacy, equity

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Office for Education Policy

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Volume 01 Issue 06


In November 2002, the Arkansas Supreme Court found the Arkansas school funding system to be unconstitutional. The decade long court battle, Lake View v Huckabee, concluded when the Supreme Court determined that the state needed to develop a new system to provide a “general, suitable and efficient system of free public schools equally available to all" as called for by the Arkansas Constitution (Article 14, § 1). Arkansas, however, is not alone in being taken to court over the equity and adequacy of its school funding system. Since 1960, over 40 states’ educational funding systems have been legally challenged. Since these issues are not unique to Arkansas, viewing these challenges in the national context by presenting adequacy and equity data from each state is useful. The goal of this policy brief is to present educational data related to adequacy and equity for Arkansas and the rest of the United States.