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Education system, performance standards

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Office for Education Policy

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Volume 01 Issue 02


In his 2001 ruling of the Lake View case, Judge Kilgore ordered, “an adequacy study is necessary and must be conducted forthwith.” In November 2002, the Arkansas Supreme Court upheld the lower court ruling and mandated that the General Assembly begin an “adequacy study.” Consequently, Act 94 of 2003 created the Arkansas Joint Legislative Committee on Educational Adequacy, which was given primary responsibility for fulfilling the Court’s mandate. The Committee contracted with the national consulting firm of Lawrence O. Picus and Associates to conduct a statewide adequacy study and report the findings to the Committee in the Fall of 2003. The consultants based their recommendations on their extensive research and experience in the field of school finance, on several meetings with the Joint Committee, and on meetings with two professional judgment panels comprised of 70 Arkansas education leaders. The recommendations provided are not those of the consultants alone; rather, the recommendations are those of the Committee and based on deliberations among the consultants and the Committee members.