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charter state goals, students, curricula

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Office for Education Policy

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Volume 07 Issue 02


At the most recent State Board of Education meeting, State Education Commissioner Tom Kimbrell addressed the need for more monitoring of charter schools to ensure that these schools meet their stated goals, including the types of students they intend to serve and the scope of the schools’ curricula. Additionally, he noted that the current process for reviewing applications for charter schools is inadequate, and acknowledged the need for a more systematic review process. As a result, Dr. Kimbrell reported that the state is planning to create a charter review council that will serve two important functions: reviewing charter applications prior to State Board members, while also evaluating existing charter schools on an annual basis. As our Commissioner considers the development of such a board, it seems appropriate to examine how other states across the nation approve and review applications for new and existing charter schools and how charter schools currently are approved and reviewed in Arkansas. We also provide a brief description of what a charter school review council is and discuss the potential benefits of such a board.