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Facility location, Transportation, Location Strategy, Operations Research, Operations Management, Industrial Engineering, Globalization, Labor Productivity, Factor-Rating Method, Locational Cost-Volume Analysis, Center-of-Gravity Method, Load Distance Method, Transportation Model, Mixed Integer Quadratic Program


MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


The importance of facility location has dramatically increased over the last several years as the U.S. economy has expanded and different metropolitan areas and markets have experienced population growth, infrastructure changes, labor availability improvements, and better technologies. Global competition has also created the need to further drive down costs and strategize the location of facilities such as distribution centers, freight consolidation centers, retail stores, manufacturing plants, supplier locations for raw materials, farms to grow crops, port facilities, etc. Due to the importance of facility location, this presentation will consider and evaluate several traditional and more modern methods for determining the location of physical facilities that aim to minimize costs, enhance service and convenience, provide a competitive advantage, and potentially attract customer demand. The presentation provides several different quantitative and qualitative techniques to help determine facility location while also considering different computer software applications.


MSOM Instructor Dr. Kerry Melton

Moderated by Mindy Hunthrop, MSOM Program Coordinator/Advisor