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Supply Chain, Blockchain, Supply Chain Risk Management


MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


Supply chains are becoming more and more extended, leaner, and complicated. Not only has the global economy contributed to the complication and risk of our supply chains, we also face significant potential challenges with technology, economic, environmental changes, and social issues. Practitioners have never experienced so many challenges at one time in their career and these challenges are coming in ways we never anticipated. In this presentation, we will address the nature of supply chain risk in today’s world, how to identify the greatest risks in your supply chain, and strategies for mitigating the risks. Examples of specific risk factors and how to address them will be presented, as well as real-world examples of how companies have both succeeded and failed in their efforts and the driving factors for each. The seminar will conclude with a brief overview of Blockchain and the promise Blockchain holds for helping reduce supply chain risk.


Moderated by Mindy Hunthrop, MSOM Program Coordinator/Advisor

Dr. Ed Pohl, Professor and Head of the Industrial Engineering Department