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Group Facilitation, Managing Conflict, Facilitator, Managing Groups


MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


As a management consultant, over the course of more than 40 years, I have facilitated more than 1500 workshops, seminars, and decision conferences. But when I think back on the times I was a college professor at West Point in the 70s, I often found myself in a position where in addition to teaching, I had to bring together and integrate the needs of very diverse groups of people. Typically, there was time pressure, the stakes were high, and the objectives of the participants conflicted. As an assistant professor, I had no real decision-making authority, but I could help the group make decisions based on what I’ll call “informed consensus based on an open exchange of information.” Clearly, those who teach may have authority to make decisions in their own domain, but often, they may find themselves in the role of facilitator to help groups reach consensus on a wide variety of topics. That is what this webinar is all about – understanding the basics of Group Facilitation.


MSOM Instructor Terry Bresnick

Moderated by Mindy Hunthrop, MSOM Program Coordinator/Advisor