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MSEM/MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


Planning a wedding is one of the most challenging projects in a young life… So much to do! A respected journal in the project management literature -- Southern Bride -- advises well-off young couples to escape stress and employ a professional wedding planner+. In today's webinar we will contrast two project planning methods in examining one such wedding project -- hastily planned and beset with troubles. We will shed light on the science & art of project management and possibly help our wedding planners (both professional and amateur) avoid stress-induced medical complications. In this webinar, we’ll be spending time with Greg Hutto, an instructor in the MS in Operations Management program. Though Greg’s specialty is math and engineering, today we will focus on the human foibles in project management because only people do projects!


Moderated by Karin Hickenbotham, Marketing & Communications, MSOM and MSEM

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