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Circular supply chain, supply chain management, logistics management, sustainment


MSEM/MSOM Lunch and Learn Webinar Series


  • Technical products are typically complex, long-lived and high-cost equipment—such as: aircraft, vehicles, ships, capital equipment/machinery and utilities infrastructure. While many technical products are manufactured via traditional linear supply chains, their useful lives often rely upon sustainment systems incorporating significant aspects of circular supply chains. This webinar takes a closer look at technical products and the critical role of systems sustainment to achieve and fulfill circular supply chains. The key takeaways from this webinar are:
    • The Earth is running out of resources which will have a direct impact upon maintaining/improving our quality of life.
    • The circular economy philosophy has definite relevance for supply chains -- especially “technical” product supply chains.
    • Sustainment networks and practices are all around us yet they often go unnoticed.
    • While there’s been a lot of research and thought into how companies can evolve their business strategy to become more circular, not as much attention has been paid to how to actually perform the circular activities needed to keep technical products serviceable.

Benefits of Viewing the Webinar:

  • Develop an understanding of the circular supply chain concept.
  • Provide learners with an explanation of, and examples from, technical product sustainment processes.
  • Help learners explore how to leverage proven system sustainment principles as they transition their technical product support from linear to circular supply chains.

Outcomes from Viewing the Webinar:

  • Define the circular supply chain and its component elements.
  • Define sustainment and walk through an example of technical product sustainment.
  • Understand the critical role that system sustainment plays in a technical product’s circular supply chain.


Moderated by Karin Hickenbotham, Marketing & Communications