Finding Funding - Grant Proposal Workshop

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This presentation will give an overview of some common ways to find research funding. We will look at the funding opportunity search sections of two federal grant-making agencies’ websites: and We will also go over the primary features of GrantForward. Attendees of this workshop will learn how to filter funding searches to find opportunities relevant to their research, how to set up grant alerts, and what to do once they find funding opportunities they want to apply to.

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R & R Workshop


00:00 -Welcome

01:08-Where to Begin

07:04 -Searching for Funding

10:30 -GrantForward: Signing Up

14:58 -GrantForward: Building Your Profile

19:30 -GrantForward: Finding Funding

37:45 -End of Presentation / Additional Info

42:43-GrantForward Demo


Sponsored by the Division of Research and Innovation

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