Intro to NSF Funding - Grant Proposal Workshop

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In this workshop, Molly Throgmorton, a research development specialist and certified research administrator (CRA), presents an overview of the National Science Foundation as a federal funding agency. Funding priorities, solicitation types, and proposal resources comprise the first segment of the workshop. Then, a panel of U of A NSF awardees offers guidance on how to find funding opportunities, provides tips for developing successful proposals, and gives advice regarding the administrative process of proposal preparation. The three panelists are Steve Boss, professor of environmental dynamics and sustainability; Narasimhan Rajaram, associate professor of biomedical engineering; and Cynthia Sides, assistant vice chancellor for research and innovation and director of research advancement.

While this workshop focuses on the basics of NSF funding and is primarily designed for new investigators, more experienced investigators may find the information useful.

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R & R Workshop


00:00-Welcome & panelist introductions

01:47 -History of NSF

04:26 -Strategic Plan & Goals of NSF

06:11 -NSF By the Numbers

07:54 -Arkansas NSF Funding FY2020

08:41 -NSFResearch Areas in Arkansas

09:42 -Transformative Research

11:18 -Funding Priorities

15:11 -American Leadership Areas

15:33 -Funding Priorities in Arkansas

16:01 -Funding Opportunities

17:01 -Funding Mechanisms

20:12 -Where to find NSFFunding

22:52 -PAPPG: NSF’s Procedures Guide

23:58 -NSF Approved Formats

25:50 -Other Resources

27:50 -Panel Discussion

58:44 -Questions from the live audience

1:00:58 -Contact Research Development


Sponsored by the Division of Research and Innovation

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