Controlling magnetic exchange and anisotropy by nonmagnetic ligand substitution in layered M P X 3 ( M = Ni , Mn; X = S , Se)

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Magnetic anisotropy, Magnetic interactions, Magnetic susceptibility, Magnetism


Recent discoveries in two-dimensional magnetism have intensified the investigation of van der Waals magnetic materials and further improved our ability to tune their magnetic properties. Tunable magnetism has been widely studied in antiferromagnetic metal thiophosphates MPX3. Substitution of metal ions M has been adopted as an important technique to engineer the magnetism in MPX3. In this work, we have studied the previously unexplored chalcogen X substitutions in MPX3 (M=Mn/Ni; X=S/Se). We synthesized the single crystals of MnPS3−xSex (0≤x≤3) and NiPS3−xSex (0≤x≤1.3) and investigated the systematic evolution of the magnetism with varying x. Our study reveals the effective tuning of magnetic interactions and anisotropies in both MnPS3 and NiPS3 upon Se substitution. Such efficient engineering of the magnetism provides a suitable platform to understand the low-dimensional magnetism and develop future magnetic devices.


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