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Bachelor of Science in Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences

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Poultry Science


Wood, Lisa

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Jefferson, Miller

Committee Member/Second Reader

Kidd, Michael

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Rochell, Samuel


Food insecurity is a growing issue in developing and developed countries alike, and in countries like Belize, the prevalence of hunger has soared in recent years. Not having access to diets with sufficient calories and nutrients leads to a host of developmental issues, including stunting and cognitive delays. The purpose of this work was to create an all-encompassing manual for small-scale broiler production, with the intention of another honors student overseeing the implementation of the ideas set forth in the manual, in order to provide nourishment for the students and staff of a school in Belize. After determining that the best way to meet the school’s needs was through dual-purpose birds, background research was conducted to determine small-scale poultry facilities in developing countries. This involved designing the layout for the poultry houses (one for layers and one for broilers) given the space available, as well as sourcing materials both locally and abroad. The manual was written to include background information and step-by-step instructions for constructing the houses and caring for the birds. The researchers anticipate that this farm will positively impact the lives of the students and faculty of the school, in that they will have access to poultry meat and eggs, which will increase physical and cognitive performance, provide hands-on education, and incentivize students to finish their schooling rather than quitting to work to provide for their families.


Food insecurity, Poultry, Belize, Small-scale poultry production, Dual-purpose, Developing Countries