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Bachelor of Arts


Psychological Science


Vargas, Ivan

Committee Member/Reader

Funkhouser, Eric

Committee Member/Second Reader

Leen-Feldner, Ellen


University counseling centers are struggling against resource constraints to meet the rising demand for mental health care. Peer-based mentoring programs offer the potential for an alternative approach to mitigate the increasing demand for treatment and improve overall psychological well-being among college students. However, research investigating peer mentoring programs on college campuses is lacking. This study evaluates program feasibility and potential effectiveness in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms among college students that underwent a 4-week peer mentoring program. Results from this preliminary study indicate peer-based programs may be more effective in reducing symptoms of depression (especially anhedonic depression) compared to anxiety. These data support that peer-based programs may be a promising alternative resource that can be offered at most colleges and universities.


Psychology, Peer, Depression, Clinical, Counseling

Available for download on Friday, October 27, 2023