Date of Graduation


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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Supply Chain Management


Garcia Contreras, Rogelio


I have focused my research on the morality within supply chains that source major coffee companies around the world. As consumers, many of us have no idea where the products that we use everyday truly come from. The purchases we make have the power to feed into the issue of forced labor. The coffee we buy often does. My thesis takes a look into the extensive issue of human trafficking and unjust labor practices on the plantations that provide us with the coffee we sip on each morning. This paper serves to enlighten producers and consumers on this phenomenon, to expose the companies, plantations and systems behind it, have the voices of those trapped into modern slavery be heard, and recruit my fellow business leaders to help fight the good fight against forced labor.


Forced labor, modern slavery, coffee industry, consumerism, Brazil, Starbucks