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Laurel Lamb, Curator, University of Arkansas Museum

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113 Million years old

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Arkansaurus fridayi


Spring 5-1-2021


Articulated cast of an Arkansaurus fridayi foot. In 1972, Joe B. Friday discovered the original fossil remains of a nearly complete dinosaur foot on his land near Lockesburg in southwestern Arkansas. It was donated to the U of A Museum in 1974. U of A alumna Dr. Rebecca Hunt-Foster went on to publish an official description of it in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology in 2018.

The dinosaur was formally named Arkansaurus fridayi and named the Arkansas State Dinosaur. The dinosaur was found in the Lower Cretaceous Trinity Group and would have lived approximately 113 million years ago. This makes it the second oldest ornithomimid of its kind found in North America to date.

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University of Arkansas Museum

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