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University of Arkansas Museum 1966 field school

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AD 1020 - 1160


Spring 5-1-2021


The Breckenridge flute is a two-chambered block and fipple external duct flute made of river cane. With an AMS date range of AD 1020-1160, it is the oldest known example of this type. Photo by Leslie Walker, image courtesy of the Arkansas Archeological Survey.

The Breckenridge river cane flute was found in a bluff shelter in 1932. It is a prototype of the modern Native American Flute and is the oldest known example of this type of flute. Culturally affiliated with the Osage Nation. It is pierced by five holes and decorated by zigzag lines cut longitudinally and spirally around shaft.

Please find a blog post sharing more details: https://archeology.uark.edu/artifacts/breckenridge-flute/

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University of Arkansas Museum

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