TIPS Lunch - Faculty Session on ChatGPT: Assessments, Assignments, and Academic Integrity

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Student learning, academic honesty, educational technology


Assessing student knowledge is an important part of any class. Making sure that these assessments are secure, and that academic honesty is built into the course is also a key to success for student learning and outcomes. The U of A has technology and resources for faculty to assist in assessment and assignment creation. With new information coming out about resources for students to use, such as ChatGPT, online collaborative resources, and tools such as CHEGG, it is easier than ever for students to use tools we may not want them to use. This session will discuss tools, methods, and ideas for combating or even embracing some of these tools to create assessments and assignments that focus on student learning.

Join Kathryn Zawisza, Director of Academic Technology/Instructor of Philosophy, Chris Bryson, Executive Director of Academic Initiatives and Integrity, and Chris Bray, Academic Technology Systems Architect as they discuss strategies and tools for assessing students and maintaining academic integrity.

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