Research Reports and Bulletins are in-depth reports on research results that make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge. The Research Report series replaced the Research Bulletin series in 2001.

Please find the Bulletins pre-1997 in Digital Collections


Reports and Bulletins from 1997


Development of Replacement Heifers using Combinations of Three Forage Types and Feed Supplements (with or without Broiler Litter), R. B. Simpson, J. M. Phillips, C. F. Rosenkrans Jr., A. H. Brown Jr., and D. W. Kellogg


The Mercosur Rice Economy, Ralph Bierlen, Eric J. Wailes, and Gail L. Cramer


Yield, Earliness and Fiber Strength of Blends of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Cultivars, J. S. McConnell, F. M. Bourland, W. H. Baker, and B. S. Frizzell