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Terry, Laura

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Jacobus, Frank

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Maizels, Mike


As designers, everything we make is personal. The act of making is a learning experience, as well as a personal act. We learn through this act of making. Making spans many mediums, including painting and architecture. Every designer has a language that is unique and personal to them. There is however, a shared and fundamental basis, or vocabulary, for these languages that span mediums and designers. To better understand the making process, a careful study of the architectural work and personal paintings of two architects has been done. Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto are two architects who practiced in the traditional sense and who also painted. These were two men who were makers throughout their lives. What does a life of making look like? Throughout their lives they were exploring, defining and redefining vocabulary, and clarifying their personal language.

A shared vocabulary of painting and design serves as the lens through which a selection of the work is analyzed as well as categorized. Through this lens, one can start to draw connections through the work as a whole. It should be stated, that this is by no means the only way into the work or the designer’s process, but it is one way to start looking at the work and the language personal to each designer.


Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Paintings, Architects, Designers, Process