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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering


Wochok, Jeffrey C.

Committee Member/Reader

Hestekin, Christa N.

Committee Member/Second Reader

Kim, Jin-Woo


Decellularized tissues composed of extracellular matrix are commonly used for tissue transplantations but this method has many limitations. An alternative approach is to create an extracellular matrix by seeding degradable foams with cells, culturing these foams to allow extracellular matrix to be secreted from the cells, then washing away the degradable foam to collect the material that is produced. This study was interested in comparing decellularized skeletal muscle tissue to an engineered biomaterial that was seeded with skeletal muscle myoblast cells. Collagen content of decellularized tissue and engineered biomaterial were quantified using a hydroxyproline assay to compare the two samples. The engineered biomaterial collagen content value was significantly lower than the decellularized muscle tissue value. However, results did suggest that the engineered biomaterial is able to support the growth of cultured cells and excretes collagen.