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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical Engineering


Muldoon, Timothy


Early detection of changes in epithelial cells, such as the development of neoplastic formations seen in epithelial dysplasia, can indicate regions of the epithelial tissue that are at a high risk for cancerous formation. Using concepts from diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, a Monte Carlo model was developed to predict the reflectance measured by a detector at a small source-detector separation on a microendoscope. The Monte Carlo results were then used to calculate a mathematical relationship between the reflectance and distance that can be used to determine optical properties in a tissue sample. This model was validated with liquid phantoms of specified optical properties. The model was able to create a reflectance map based on specified optical properties. It was not, however, able to correctly predict the relationship between reflectance and distance for the phantoms that were tested. Improvements to the model, such as adding cladding element to the laser to change its numerical aperture, will continue to improve its accuracy.


Imaging, Modeling, Dysplasia, Microendoscope, Phantom