Compositional Optimization of Alloy FexNiy(OH)2 Nanoparticles for Alkaline Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution

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Electrocatalysts, oxygen evolution reaction, alkaline electrolyte


Alloy FeNi nanoparticles were synthesized and evaluated as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolyte. Electron microscopy imaging indicates nanoparticles were formed with a spherical morphology, and initial elemental analysis suggests significant oxygen content in the bimetallic particles. A molar ratio range from 5:1 to 1:5 Fe:Ni in the assynthesized nanoparticles was tested. The effect of polyvinylpyrrolidone stabilizer on nanoparticle performance was also evaluated. Catalytic performance of the nanoparticles increased with decreasing Fe:Ni molar ratio and PVP:Ni molar ratio. Alloy nanoparticles synthesized with a Fe:Ni ratio of 1:5 and a PVP:Ni ratio of 0.001 resulted in an overpotential of 295 mV at 10 mA/cm2, a Tafel slope of 40 mV/dec, and a mass-based activity of 3343 mA/mg at 1.6 V vs. RHE.